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Second Edition of Faithful Fridays

Last week I posted how financially strained we are as a family. Full commission has some freedoms but it’s also a free fall. In last Friday’s post, I gave God my stress of our finances. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to make it this month.

All I have to say this Friday is Praise God! This week He brought me four unexpected accounts, which brought me enough income to get us almost out of the hole we’re in. He is ever faithful and all He asks in return is that I do the same.

I have faith in His ability to bless my hard work, and I know he’ll bring in the rest of what we need to make ends meet this month. Thank you Jesus for helping me provide for my family and giving me the quality time I need with my son.


2 thoughts on “Second Edition of Faithful Fridays”

  1. Praise God. I think that finances are one of the hardest things to hand over and have faith for. We’re struggling through that one right now. Of course my first thought is how can *I* fix this? But we need to look to **Him** to fix it or it just won’t be right. We lose something in the process.

    I am late but I did post mine today!

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