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A passion for photography

Everywhere I am I see something beautiful or unusual and think to myself, that would make a great picture..I wish I had my camera! In fact the banner on my blog is one such picture that I thankfully had my camera on hand for. Those tulips caught my eye and I thought it was a perfect shot to showcase the beauty of spring.

Photography runs through my blood. My grandfather and great great grandfather were both awesome photographers, and I grew up around great photos. My great great grandfather, whom I never knew but saw his work, had his studio in Pawnee, Oklahoma. He was the first person to shoot the famous Pawnee Bill.

My Papa, my mom’s father, had a dark room down in his basement, and every summer I would descend the narrow cement staircase to the smells of musty darkness and developing chemicals. It was a wonderful place of discovery for a toddler to a teen. My Papa enlarged photos before any one else did. He was also an inventor and made his own technology to blow up photos and play with the art of photography.

My sophomore year in college, my Papa passed away. I held him in my arms as he went to be home with Jesus. I only pray he knew that I was with him in his last few minutes on this earth. It was one of the most traumatic things I had gone through and afterwards, I did anything I could to feel close to him again. I took what ever photography classes were offered at my university. Since I was a Mass Communications major, it was easily applied as credits toward my degree.

I started with beginner photography and dark room techniques…not only did it remind me of my youth in that dark basement discovering the art of pictures but it gave me a peace that my grandfather was watching over me. Now, looking back, another reason I’m glad I took those beginner courses is because of how prehistoric those development techniques are becoming with the ease of digital photography these days.

I’m that girl that has always had some sort of camera…from a simple 35mm point and click to, just recently, aDigital Rebel Xti. I’m the one that is always the one shooting pics at all events with every angle imaginable in my mind, of what would make a great shot. Although writing is my first love, photography is a close second if not a tie for first. As I get older I have more people asking me for copies of my pictures and offering to pay me for them, which is making me seriously consider starting up a second business on the side. I’m thinking of taking my passion for photography and turn it into a little extra revenue. I think it would do my grandfather…Papa….proud.

See one of my other blogs to see a few shots of some recent pictures I’ve taken and tell me what you think!

7 thoughts on “A passion for photography”

  1. Meant to say…They’re easily toted around…
    Man when my fingers get typing so fast…my brain doesn’t stop to remind me to spell things the right way sometimes!

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