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First Edition of Faithful Fridays

42-17109730.jpgEach day is a challenge with a full commission job. I took this new position because it was work from home and it would allow me more time with my son…to be a mom. That’s the upside of my career. It served me well when my son was in the hospital last week.

The downside is…when I’m not working-I’m not earning money to support my family. My family needs both my husband’s and my income to survive. Now that I’ve had 2 weeks of downtime, my pipeline at work has dried up. I’m stressed and depressed.

I KNOW God gave me this position for the first reason above. I KNOW this job is a gift from God. He knows I have to make at the least 6K for my company this month, so I am taking a huge leap of faith.

I have faith today that the Lord will provide for me and my family. I pray a prayer of thanks for always being a faithful God in times of bounty and in times of financial strain. He knows I have a house payment and car payment due this month that won’t get paid unless I make my part of our financial need.

Hard work on my part and Faith in God will get me through.

I encourage all of you who are reading to put your burdens on the Lord. Pray a prayer of thanks for something that your struggling for…blog it. Put it out there for people to read and link back to this page. Lets get more people thinking about their faith and how to let God take care of their burdens.

Post note:
Here’s a link or two to another Faithful Friday’s participant.


3 thoughts on “First Edition of Faithful Fridays”

  1. I hear ya~! [insert nodding emoticon here]

    Prayer plays an invisible role in commission-only jobs for we Christians, doesn’t it? (My wife and I have three jobs between the two of us and my second job is commission-only too. )

    We’ve no control over who inquires or when. But God does.
    We’ve no control over how our information and proposals do with decision-makers, whether it’s an individual or a committee.
    But God does.
    We’ve no control over when they say ‘yes’ or how “big” their yes is.
    But God does.
    So I go over their heads all the time, and ask God to influence all those things, while I go about my business -which is actually His.

    It’s faith-stretching, faith-building while at the same time offering plenty of time for nail-biting.

    Blessed1, you have your finger on the right button – Prayer. Good for you!

    I don’t know how many times in this last year I’ve prayed “Lord, I’m trusting You to provide for my family. I’ll do my best to keep things moving and do all I do with excellence, but I need You to… well, do do it all, actually. You work through me and I’ll cooperate with You. It’s nice to know You can even help me with my desire to cooperate on days I need an extra dose of it!”

    I’m asking Him for delightful answers to your prayers today, for new contacts and possibilities, perhaps a couple of call-backs/return clients for good measure to bring you an extra-bright smile.

    He’s not worried, we shouldn’t be either.


  2. Thanks so much for your comment. It truly is a blessing to have such a great community of believers who can agree and unite to ultimately live and worship HIM! thank you and thank you!

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