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To help a child


We all see those TV commercials showing the emaciated child in a third world country, with a local celebrity promoting a cause for just 2 cents a day. I don’t know about you but most times I felt shamed and turned the channel. I always wanted to help, but commercials were not motivating to me.

I always feel that if you want someone to do donate to a cause…any cause–the way NOT to do it is by shaming them into it. I feel if you want to motivate someone to take action you have to show what positives actions have taken place and incent them to join in on the crusade to change lives, like The American Heart Association, who recently showcased hundreds of female survivors. These women were lobbying support for a bill that helps target heart disease in women, but they also were sharing their stories of survival. It was an incentive to others to get involved.

The cause my family recently took on was one of Compassion. Compassion International is a non-profit group. It’s a Christian child advocacy group that releases children from their third world circumstances. My son receives National Geographic Kids magazine, where he learns many fascinating things about the world around him. One issue focused on the Masai people, in Africa. He was in awe that other kids his age lived in houses made of mud bricks and sticks….that they didn’t have the conveniences of his world. He talked about the Masai people for months….”Mommy do the Masai people get to ride on their scooters?” I would reply, “I don’t think so honey, they have a lot simpler toys like sticks and balls.”

Last month we went to a Michael W. Smith concert at church. I’ve not seen a Christian concert before and thought I was long overdue. It was a great time…all three of us enjoyed it. What touched us most was the intermission show; a video showcasing the work he’s doing with the Compassion movement. My son saw first hand in that video the circumstances those people are subjected to and he felt so moved to help. We left after the intermission b/c it was bedtime for my four year old, but not before we picked up a Compassion brochure, which showed us how to sponsor a child online.

Last night my little one got to pick out his own child, and it was the most sweet endearing process. He chose a nine year old boy from Rwanda, Africa. He knows that our money goes to benefit his life and education every month. He gets that he’s giving another child a chance and it makes him so happy. Now he wants to draw pictures of him on his scooter to send to little Abayisenga in Africa, and I’m so proud of his giving heart.

If you’ve ever wanted to give back to a child here in the United States or abroad, please listen to your heart! Choose to clink on the link above and search through the Compassion website. They’re a wonderful organization that helps enrich the lives of children abroad with a better health, education, and the message of Christ. Search your heart and take action!!!


2 thoughts on “To help a child”

  1. I think that’s wonderful! So many kids need good homes. Whats sad are the older ones that are stuck in the system. Everyone wants a toddler or baby and the older kids need it the worst!

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