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The last day of the Challenge

Again thanks to all of you who participated in my 7 day challenge! Thank you to those that read and expressed support for the project.

Today I’ll keep it simple…I am grateful for so many things in life. All things I have are only due to the grace of God as I’ve been the worst of sinners in my life. Sometimes it takes walking down the wrong road to recognize the right one.

So I’m simply thankful for forgiveness! I’m thankful that God never left my side throughout the times in life when I wasn’t looking to Him. I’m blessed to have such a great life now…I know I don’t deserve it and am completely humbled by it everday.

I’m blessed to be able to do the following:

*To wake up to the sound of my son sneaking down the hall every morning to try to startle me awake, even though I know he’s coming. I’m blessed to be able to hug him and laugh with him every morning.

*To live my life with all of my loved ones, who all are in good health.

*To live in a middle income home and in a safe neighborhood.

*To be able to enjoy life, instead of secretly grieving a life of sin.

These are the simple things in life…I’m thankful for being allowed a happy life. A simple one…a blessed one.
I’ve been forgiven of my past, and I thank God for it every day!!!

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showletter.jpgJust wanted to pass this on to you all about the USS New York.

It was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center.

It is the fifth in a new class of warship – designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft.

Steel from the World Trade Center was melted down in a foundry in Amite, LA to cast the ship’s bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept . 9, 2003, “those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence,” recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. “It was a spiritual moment for everybody there.”

Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade center steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the “hair on my neck stood up.” “It had a big meaning to it for all of us,” he said. “They knocked us down. They can’t keep us down. We’re going to be back.”

The ship’s motto? “Never Forget”
Please keep this going so everyone can see what we are made of in this country

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Day 6 of my challenge

Last week I challenged all bloggers to start blogging their thanks or list their blessings for 7 days, starting on Easter. I have seen many people participate and list something or many things they were thankful for for 6 days now, and have so blessed by their blogs.

So today’s thankful blog is a quiet note to all of you, who chosen to spread a positive message throughout all the crud that is out there via the internet. Every day I see pages out there that spew negativity, and one further…that poke fun of Christ. My 7 day challenge was meant to balance that out just a little. I know one person can’t counteract the majority of of those messages, but through this experience I have run across so many wonderfully pleasant blogs that I’m so thankful for. Thank you to all of you, that choose to spread the message of Christ. Thank you for being bold and brave enough to share your faith, and thank you for not being ashamed!

So my 6th day of thanks is for all of you, who do this everyday. You love the Lord and choose to blog your life experiences and faith. What a blessing you are and an inspiration to me and all your readers.

Here are a few of those sights:

The Candles
Sky Windows
Messenger in Christ
Vibrance in Ministry
Terri Terri Quite Contrary

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another favorite find

From time to time I share a few of my favorites. Today I wanted to let you all know what cereal has ruined me! Kellog’s Smart Start Antioxidant formula is my most favorite thing! I simply can not eat another cereal without wishing I was eating my smart start.

Their healthy heart flavor isn’t quite as good as their antioxidant formula, so make sure you look for the blue stripe on the box.

Try it and let me know what you think!!rightcol_ss_antiox.jpg

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A mother’s gift…

Growing up as we did, moving from place to place, wasn’t always easy. An officer in the military moving up the ranks, does well after he’s been in for some time…but starting out most families don’t have much. Thank the Lord for base housing and free medical care, but just extra living expenses like food for clothes and food went thin when we were young.

I’ll never forget moving from Hawaii to Virginia when I was between third and fourth grade. We’d been on the island of Oahu, for 4 years, where we had lived in mumu’s, shorts, and flip flops. The move to Virginia was a hard one, not just because the beauty of the islands we’d left behind…but because of the harsh cold weather we now faced. In Virginia, is where my parent’s bought our first family home. Going from base housing to a huge mortgage payment was another huge transition, that as kids, my sister and I were ignorant of.

A few years ago my dad was reminiscing about those days, and he mentioned how one whole paycheck went to the mortgage payment. It didn’t leave a lot left over for anything else. I don’t know how they did it. I remember my mom pouring over her check register each week. She figured a way to cut corners every way she could by budgeting every cent.

Her number one priority was making sure the family was fed and cared for. I think that’s the hardest challenge in any day, let alone when you don’t know how you’re going to get by. All she knew is that her kids needed winter clothes to stay warm. A winter that had snow blown up over every mailbox on our street. A winter that made your toes freeze just walking outside for a few minutes. A winter that she dressed in her Hawaiian mumu’s with no money for a winter coat. She sacrificed her basic needs so that her children could stay warm. I can’t imagine how cold she was, but her basic instint was to shelter her children no matter what…even at the expense of her own health.

Having a child of my own, has taught me a whole new appreciation for my mother. I obviously understand every sacrifice she’s ever made for me, but having my own child has cast her in a new light. She’s always inspired me as a daughter, but now she’s inspiring me as a mother. I am so blessed to have such a giving, passionate, God fearing mother. A woman, who would do anything for her children’s well being.

What’s funny are the little things that are coming back to me. Little things that she did with me as a young child, that I thought I didn’t have any recollection of…silly little songs or actions. For example, last week I was giving my son a bath. I’ve been trying to get him to wash his hair sitting up in the tub. He doesn’t like getting his hair or face wet. It’s really bothersome to him. So I thought I’d make a game out of it, because I was getting really tired of washing his hair at the sink. Bath time was a two part process and it’s tiring some nights!

I grabbed a wash cloth and squeezed water over head, and said, “Look it feels like I cracked an egg over your head! Ewwww! Gross!” He just laughed and laughed. Well now a week later, he’s grabbing cups full of water and throwing it over his head saying, “It’s like a cracked egg Mommy!”

Yeah, finally I get to wash his hair in the tub after a bath. One step process…done!

I told my mom of the cute little trick I made up to get my son to get past his water fear in the bath. She smiled with a twinkle in her eye and responded, “You remember when I used to to do that to you, don’t you?”
“No. I made that up.”
“No…I did that to you when you, were a toddler, to get you to wet your hair in the tub.”

I just shook my head in awe. It’s amazing what is stored in one’s brain, and how it gets recalled years later! I shouldn’t be suprised. She’s reminded me a few other times of things she would do with me, that I hadn’t remembered, that I thought I’d creatively made up to do with my son. All this being said–Mom’s have a huge impact on our lives and I’m so thankful I’ve got such a wonderful role model to learn from.

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I guess I’m it this time…tagged

I have been tagged by MyLifeStartsatFourtyTwo for the meme of Gotta Get Goals! Goals? Wow! Too many too share and too many to think of but here’s a start:

So what are my top desires at the moment?

1) Being a good mom and wife. Loving my family and knowing I did the best I could for everyone in my life-parents and sister included! If all I do is help them be better people, than I’m successful!

2) Finally take guitar lessons. My husband bought me an electric blue acoustic/electric Washburn 5 years ago, before I knew I was pregnant. Then my belly got to big to play or attempt to learn. Then I had a little peanut to care for 24/7. Now is the time to take lessons and do something just for me!

3) This is one I really want to get done: Finally finish the LAST chapter in my manuscript. I’ve had 50 chapters done for 1 1/2 years and have had life get in the way of getting it done and finding a publisher or agent! Second part of number 3: find a pub house or agent!

4) Continue to stride upward in my job. I work part from home, part from an office with a full commission job. I need to get past the bar and continue up to make enough money to live without shuffling money around to pay bills!

So – who am I tagging? No one! I figure if you want to do this…you can and just link back to my page! I still wanted to participate since I was tagged, cuz I think they can be a good glimpse into someone’s life!

I hope you all accomplish your goals today…even if it’s just making it one step at a time through.

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Day 4 of Thanks and Blessings

Each day I’m amazed at the roll of the dice when it comes to what family I was born into and where we live. For obvious reasons, I am blessed to live my life in America instead of another country…but the biggest blessings of all are my freedoms of religion and speech.

There have been a few times in life that I’ve been ridiculed for being a Christian and it wasn’t a good feeling. As a young teenager, it was horrible to be made fun of or be the center of a Jesus joke. I handled it like Peter did, by laughing it off. I joked with those making fun to fit in, which made me feel even more horrible than before. Through that, I learned I’d rather be made fun of than suffer the guilt of turning my back on God. Now as an adult I would like to think I’d bear the brunt a whole lot easier. For one, I’m blessed to be a follower of Christ. Not only because I get the promise of everlasting life, but because of the beauty I see every day in God’s creation.

Understand that I do not live life with rose colored glasses! I see the good, the bad, and the ugly, but I choose to recognize what God does through the bad. He has taken all the horrible things in my life and made me a better person because of it. He has used those trauma’s to give me what I need to be here in this spot today. I’m stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled because of it. Life has not been an easy road, but the journey has been necessesary to bring me through the other side of all that pain. If the valley’s had not been there, the view from the mountain wouldn’t be as breathe taking! I wouldn’t appreciate Him quite as much, if I couldn’t see how He rescued me through every turn.

Unfortunately, more valleys will come in all of our lives. Obviously people make their own choices. God gives man free will, which can lead to bad things happening every day, but I recognize that God isn’t to blame for that. He would never put one of His children in harm’s way on purpose, but He has never left me to handle something I couldn’t bear. So I choose to follow Him and am thankful that I’m allowed that freedom! So even when bad things happen, I will trust in the Lord to carry me back to the mountain. And along the way, he will bring me support through my family, friends, and church.

Yesterday my church called, b/c I dropped a friendship card in the offering plate inquiring about a women’s bible study. I hung up thankful not only that I have a responsive caring church home, but thankful that I have the freedom to participate. Others in our country that don’t believe in God or his son, wouldn’t understand this simple blessing. They wouldn’t care that in some countries people get imprisoned, or worse, just for blogging their faith in Christ. Not only do I get to live my life every week with the luxury of going to a wonderful church to worship my God, but I get to express His love every day without punishment. Praise God for all my blessings!