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Earth Day Find

c3_2jpg.jpgI just wanted to pass along a little helpful way you can save your planet one bulb at a time! CFL light bulbs are the best way even the laziest of us all can help save mother earth. They last 10 times longer than your normal light bulb, taking up 2/3 less electricity.

If you’re not one to start a recycling program at work…or clean up litter along your local streets, but you feel that you should do ‘something’ to make life a little easier here for you and your loved ones years down the road, PLEASE at least consider using these energy efficient bulbs! Are they more expensive? Well one bulb is around 15 dollars, but we haven’t changed ours in 2 years. How many would we have bought to replace those metal filament bulbs that always go out? Ping…you know the sound I’m referring to. You do the math. You’re saving not only your pocket book, but energy costs too. Every spring and fall light bulbs assuredly go out to the climate change, our CFL bulbs stay steady. It saves us from getting up on the ladder every time I hear that old standard bulb make that dreaded sound, when it burns out! Do I have to say CFL bulbs any more times to get it to stick in your mind???

The only down side…they reportedly interfere with television remotes, so unplug your lamp if you’re flicker happy between commercial breaks!

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