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technical difficulties

It has come to my attention, from comments from a faithful reader, that my widgets are screwy. Mylifestartsatfourtytwo said when she views my blog through internet explorer my blog appears normal, but when seen through FireFox it doesn’t.

I downloaded FireFox to check it out. She’s right…through my Safari– my blog looks fine. The widgets don’t appear like they’be thrown themselves up all over the sides of my page. Through FireFox, however, it’s every widget for themselves. They’re doing the mambo or something.

Can anyone help me figure this out and get me back on track????

4 thoughts on “technical difficulties”

  1. I noticed this as well… I have firefox at home and IE at work. I have been going to your site at lunch at work and it seemed like it had been fixed so I didn’t say anything.

    I suggest writing to wordpress about this issue, or changing your theme.

  2. Hi I am looking at your site with IE and it is ok except for a a litte of the who’s visiting section running across the page like a over lap.

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