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The last day of the Challenge

Again thanks to all of you who participated in my 7 day challenge! Thank you to those that read and expressed support for the project.

Today I’ll keep it simple…I am grateful for so many things in life. All things I have are only due to the grace of God as I’ve been the worst of sinners in my life. Sometimes it takes walking down the wrong road to recognize the right one.

So I’m simply thankful for forgiveness! I’m thankful that God never left my side throughout the times in life when I wasn’t looking to Him. I’m blessed to have such a great life now…I know I don’t deserve it and am completely humbled by it everday.

I’m blessed to be able to do the following:

*To wake up to the sound of my son sneaking down the hall every morning to try to startle me awake, even though I know he’s coming. I’m blessed to be able to hug him and laugh with him every morning.

*To live my life with all of my loved ones, who all are in good health.

*To live in a middle income home and in a safe neighborhood.

*To be able to enjoy life, instead of secretly grieving a life of sin.

These are the simple things in life…I’m thankful for being allowed a happy life. A simple one…a blessed one.
I’ve been forgiven of my past, and I thank God for it every day!!!


5 thoughts on “The last day of the Challenge”

  1. Well, as always, I am grateful for my daughter’s health (and her laughter), my wife (and her patience), and the Lord’s sustaining hand that is keeping our two 17 year old cars running well past their “use by” dates. Without Him, I know this would all just fall apart.

  2. I missed out on your challenge too.

    I think the things that I am thankful for are the everyday things that I tend to take for granted unless or until they are threatened in some way. My family, their health and happiness, unconditional love and things of that nature.

    They are the most precious gifts I have ever received and I would be wise to remember that every second of the day. They are the gifts that complete me as a person and make up my entire world.

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