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Day 6 of my challenge

Last week I challenged all bloggers to start blogging their thanks or list their blessings for 7 days, starting on Easter. I have seen many people participate and list something or many things they were thankful for for 6 days now, and have so blessed by their blogs.

So today’s thankful blog is a quiet note to all of you, who chosen to spread a positive message throughout all the crud that is out there via the internet. Every day I see pages out there that spew negativity, and one further…that poke fun of Christ. My 7 day challenge was meant to balance that out just a little. I know one person can’t counteract the majority of of those messages, but through this experience I have run across so many wonderfully pleasant blogs that I’m so thankful for. Thank you to all of you, that choose to spread the message of Christ. Thank you for being bold and brave enough to share your faith, and thank you for not being ashamed!

So my 6th day of thanks is for all of you, who do this everyday. You love the Lord and choose to blog your life experiences and faith. What a blessing you are and an inspiration to me and all your readers.

Here are a few of those sights:

The Candles
Sky Windows
Messenger in Christ
Vibrance in Ministry
Terri Terri Quite Contrary


2 thoughts on “Day 6 of my challenge”

  1. Hey Dear Friend! Thanks for upholding and the challenge. We do need each others pat, comfort, testimony to go further in the Almighty’s way. Thats the secret of a fellowship and a church (universal church). Great…thanks again

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