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I guess I’m it this time…tagged

I have been tagged by MyLifeStartsatFourtyTwo for the meme of Gotta Get Goals! Goals? Wow! Too many too share and too many to think of but here’s a start:

So what are my top desires at the moment?

1) Being a good mom and wife. Loving my family and knowing I did the best I could for everyone in my life-parents and sister included! If all I do is help them be better people, than I’m successful!

2) Finally take guitar lessons. My husband bought me an electric blue acoustic/electric Washburn 5 years ago, before I knew I was pregnant. Then my belly got to big to play or attempt to learn. Then I had a little peanut to care for 24/7. Now is the time to take lessons and do something just for me!

3) This is one I really want to get done: Finally finish the LAST chapter in my manuscript. I’ve had 50 chapters done for 1 1/2 years and have had life get in the way of getting it done and finding a publisher or agent! Second part of number 3: find a pub house or agent!

4) Continue to stride upward in my job. I work part from home, part from an office with a full commission job. I need to get past the bar and continue up to make enough money to live without shuffling money around to pay bills!

So – who am I tagging? No one! I figure if you want to do this…you can and just link back to my page! I still wanted to participate since I was tagged, cuz I think they can be a good glimpse into someone’s life!

I hope you all accomplish your goals today…even if it’s just making it one step at a time through.


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