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Day 4 of Thanks and Blessings

Each day I’m amazed at the roll of the dice when it comes to what family I was born into and where we live. For obvious reasons, I am blessed to live my life in America instead of another country…but the biggest blessings of all are my freedoms of religion and speech.

There have been a few times in life that I’ve been ridiculed for being a Christian and it wasn’t a good feeling. As a young teenager, it was horrible to be made fun of or be the center of a Jesus joke. I handled it like Peter did, by laughing it off. I joked with those making fun to fit in, which made me feel even more horrible than before. Through that, I learned I’d rather be made fun of than suffer the guilt of turning my back on God. Now as an adult I would like to think I’d bear the brunt a whole lot easier. For one, I’m blessed to be a follower of Christ. Not only because I get the promise of everlasting life, but because of the beauty I see every day in God’s creation.

Understand that I do not live life with rose colored glasses! I see the good, the bad, and the ugly, but I choose to recognize what God does through the bad. He has taken all the horrible things in my life and made me a better person because of it. He has used those trauma’s to give me what I need to be here in this spot today. I’m stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled because of it. Life has not been an easy road, but the journey has been necessesary to bring me through the other side of all that pain. If the valley’s had not been there, the view from the mountain wouldn’t be as breathe taking! I wouldn’t appreciate Him quite as much, if I couldn’t see how He rescued me through every turn.

Unfortunately, more valleys will come in all of our lives. Obviously people make their own choices. God gives man free will, which can lead to bad things happening every day, but I recognize that God isn’t to blame for that. He would never put one of His children in harm’s way on purpose, but He has never left me to handle something I couldn’t bear. So I choose to follow Him and am thankful that I’m allowed that freedom! So even when bad things happen, I will trust in the Lord to carry me back to the mountain. And along the way, he will bring me support through my family, friends, and church.

Yesterday my church called, b/c I dropped a friendship card in the offering plate inquiring about a women’s bible study. I hung up thankful not only that I have a responsive caring church home, but thankful that I have the freedom to participate. Others in our country that don’t believe in God or his son, wouldn’t understand this simple blessing. They wouldn’t care that in some countries people get imprisoned, or worse, just for blogging their faith in Christ. Not only do I get to live my life every week with the luxury of going to a wonderful church to worship my God, but I get to express His love every day without punishment. Praise God for all my blessings!


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