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This one will be short and sweet

My third day of thanks and better late than never…it will be for my adorable hubbie. It seems married folk get settled after a while of being together, wether it’s in their life pattern or in that they take each other for granted.
Each day I try to remember what it was like the first time I saw him, as that’s how I always want to feel. It’s not hard to do that when he does so many wonderful things for me.

As I’m sick right now I can list a few more than normal.

Thank you sweetheart for:

*always trying to make me laugh (I say trying b/c sometimes I am too grouchy and still you forgive me of that)

*always telling me how sexy you think I am, even when I know you’re just doing it to make me feel good.

*Continually being an exceptional father and doing your best in unchartered waters.

*Always watching out for our best interests at heart and trying each day to do what’s best for your son and I.

*Taking time to do little things for me – like: spontaneous gifts and little surprises along the way.

*Always encouraging me even when I’m frustrated and don’t think I need it.

*For going to church with us as a family and being a spiritual leader to your son.

*For loving me with all your heart despite the fact that sometimes I can get in your way.


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