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Day One of THANKS!

My challenge to all bloggers has gotten a lot of response. Even though I said to kick of 7 days of positivity or thanks on Sunday…I started one day early. We went to church tonight for Easter instead of Sunday, so I felt it fitting to start my blog a day early too.

Easter Sunday is usually the day we all dress up a little more than usual. We make sure it’s one of the Sunday’s we don’t miss. The reason we chose to attend church on Saturday is to let those, who only have the mind to go to church on Easter or other religious holidays, have ‘one extra’ parking space. Our pastor encouraged all the regular church goers to attend Saturday evening so there would be room for others, who maybe needed a church sermon more than those who already ‘get it’.

So it’s Saturday night and I’m listing what I’m overjoyed about.

MY SON is my number one blessing. He was so cute tonight at church. He grabbed an offering envelope and whispered to me, “Mommy, I want to give some money to Jesus!” I gave him as many coins as I had on me. We had already tithed for the month, and wasn’t prepared to give him any change. We only put a few dollars in the envelope, but God knows my son’s heart and that’s all that counts. He sealed it up, and wrote From: (his name) and below it, To: Jesus. He wrote every letter on his own. At four that’s not an easy feat. The J was backwards, but I think whoever get’s that in the church office will get the jist.

My little one has a big heart, and he knows whatever we tithe goes to those who need it more. Our church has a lot of missions, local and abroad. My son knows ‘Jesus’ uses the money to help other kids his age, who are sick and homeless in Oklahoma or elsewhere.

From there, he sat in my lap, and laughed at all the pastor’s jokes and continued to giggle when the jokes were over. His giggle is so infectious, that it’s hard not to laugh with him. The rows around us ended up giggling at the sermon, when the jokes were over, because my son continued to belt out with a belly laugh when the pastor was speaking. I gave him a look, and he gave me one back with a quick, “What mom? It’s funny.”

I am a happy mom of one. If I’m blessed with another, I will be twice as blessed. If that is not God’s will, I’m pleased that I get the honor of raising such a civic minded loving child. He’s spirited, strong, and smart. God gave me the honor of being his mom, and it is such a beautiful gift.

This is what I was destined for. We all wonder what we’re here for…..what our path is. Why were we put here? Growing up, I always wondered what God had in store for me. I continually questioned why I was put on earth? What was I supposed to do or be?

Once I had my son, I never asked that question again. Inside my heart filled and I knew that God gave me the most important job on this earth. I have the task of raising a Godly man from a strong willed child. I am blessed with giving my child the right tools and instructions to take on his own path in life. I have the obligation to guide him mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to make sure he will have what he needs to make the right choices in life.

Dear LORD,

Thank you for allowing me to be a mother to the most adorable gift in the whole universe. Even if I never do another good thing in life…I know I was successful because I am my son’s mother. My life is complete because I’ve been a happy daughter, sister, wife and now mother.

Signed, thankful and blessed


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