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Love is boundless

father and son bonding I never really understood the depth of love in a marriage until I had my child. That may sound bad coming from someone who had been married to a wonderful man for 3 years prior to our son’s birth, but stick with me. Of course I’ve always loved and still love my husband, but it was the largest love I had for him in my realm of experience at that time. I say realm of experience, because everything we do makes us. It’s helps us grow as people, partners, and parents.

I loved my husband with my whole heart as a man and a woman do, but when we would fight I could easily hold my frustrations toward him as a man. But something about seeing him as a father makes my heart swell with pride when the two of them are together, so much so that even when there may be an issue from time to time…it’s hard to stay mad when I see him grow into a giving mature father. Our son is four, which takes a whole lot more interaction than when he was an infant and would just lay like jelly. Seeing my better half relinquishing his solo tendencies (that we all have before we’re parents) gives me a whole new appreciation for him as a person. It’s no longer about watching every game during March Madness, it’s about sitting on the ground making stringy worms with playdough and being a kid again.

Life gets so stressful-so fast-in today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in ignoring our loved ones to have our alone time. I call it my detox time. It’s so nice to see my hubbie foresaking that to give my son the attention he so wants and deserves.

Everyday I thank God for leading me to a strong man, who knows how to take care of us as a family and loving us like Christ would.


1 thought on “Love is boundless”

  1. Thanks for your encouraging word and your prayers after the death of our son. That is so awesome that you have a godly husband and father for your son. I read your other blog about kids being abused and it just makes me wonder. So much going on in this world that is so WRONG. I hope that Jesus is coming soon! This world is a mess. I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the uplifting words!

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