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100 foot ruling

Every day I look around me and am amazed at some of the humans that are allowed to parent children. I know I promised this to be an uplifting site, but from time to time….I will have a rant now and then. One of my major rants are those, who have children and take for granted what treasures they are. I don’t understand parents, who don’t care take for their little ones. The parents that use their children to gain benefits from the system…

Today I read a blog that described a current court case, that is investigating the death of a 4 year old from an apperant overdose of anti-depressants. What? A parent who fed their 4 year old those drugs? What parent would do that? Apparently they claimed she was diagnosed with bi-polar disease at 2 and a half! How could anyone diagnose anything on that level with a 2.5 year old? There’s more — Little Rebecca Riley’s older siblings were also diagnosed at an early age, and take the drugs. So now we have 2 more children that may or may not come to harm at the hands of the same people, who I loosely call their parents, that allegedly killed their youngest child. They haven’t been charged yet and should be considered innocent until proven guilty…blah blan blah.

Wether it’s mental or physical abuse…there is no excuse for harming a child!!! Here locally, in 2005, our DHS system failed yet another child. Little Kelsey Briggs died from phsysical abuse. She sustained more abuse than most people, do in a lifetime, in just her short 2.5 years. She was removed from her home by court order for 2 short months, only to be returned by DHS’s request. I don’t understand how a child, who multiple fractured bones and obvious injuries over a course of 2.5 years would EVER be allowed back to an abusive home!

During the investigation after her death. The DHS was researched since many felt the state held just as much responsibility as little Kelsey’s step-father in her death. Quoting the article in my link above the Department of Human Service official George Johnson said, “Until you can prove a person has done abuse or neglect to a child, at whatever level; until you can prove that, the courts say you need to be certain of things and that there is enough evidence to prove otherwise. If that means returning a child to a child’s home you have to do that.”

Wouldn’t multiple aggrivated parts of her body be signs of abuse? A former broken collar bone and multiple faded bruises…these are signs to me. Why wouldn’t the state see it?

There are so many loving parents out there, who can’t have children…who ache to love a child, and then there are people, like that mention above, who shouldn’t be allowed to be around a child with in 100 feet! The parents who openly abuse their own flesh and blood, or taking it one step further…those in the foster system, who take on kids, as a way to supplement their income.

I do know that there are many loving people in the foster care programs. So I’m not trying to make a general statement here. I understand that there is a negative stereotype out there, so don’t misunderstand me. In fact I know many programs like Peppers Ranch , who provide a loving stable environment. All I’m saying is I wish the state would do a better job of discerning who a sincere candidate is and who shouldn’t be allowed to even step foot near a child.

For example, I had a former (thank God she’s a former) nieghbor who had many foster kids rotating through her home, that she would use for work horses. The little ones would be wandering around, unsupervised, and the older kids were cutting tree limbs and pulling branches to the curb…or whatever else she needed done. Not that teaching a child the value of working isn’t a good thing, but I never saw her out there with them and the police were at her house multiple nights with domestic abuse issues. To me that isn’t a good foster home, and she should have been weeded out of the system!!!

I want to encourage you, who are even thinking of entering the foster parent system, please do it because you have a whole heart to give to those children. They’re already there because someone else wasn’t taking care of them.

Everyday I thank God for blessing my son with a loving home! Thank you for listening to my rant this morning!


2 thoughts on “100 foot ruling”

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  2. You nailed it right on the head! These children should have been taken away from those ‘parents’ a long time ago. It is so heartbreaking to read about another irresponsible, uncaring parent doing such things to children when there are so many people out there who WANT those kids. Every time I read one of those stories, I hug my little Cassie and my little Lucas tightly and thank the Lord that He blessed me with them.

    p.s. Thanks for linking to my blog! I will make sure to return the favor!!

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