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Minor tornado hits a few miles from home

tornadoMy son and I spent the late afternoon in the closet. I had already been up all night with him, due to his stomach virus, and was pretty tired. The hard rains were relaxing and I was reveling in some downtime on the couch, while he watched ‘Clifford’. Then the sirens started blaring. I popped up and changed to one of the major news stations, when the phone started ringing. It’s no secret that it wasn’t great news with all the action hitting at once. Although my son is completely better today, he was still worn out from being up sick all night and was terrified by the tornado warning sirens.

I popped him on my hip, and threw some pillows and blankets in our closet. I made him a pallet so he’d feel comfortable sitting there for a few mintues while I gathered things like bottled water and a cell phone, which had a next to dead battery. **note to self…charge phone…more storms hitting tomorrow.

Everytime a storm hits, I always think, “Man why don’t I have a storm ready closet?” I need things packed in there ahead of time so I don’t have to run around to shove them in while somethings heading our way. Everyone in tornado alley should have these necessities in their closets, cellars, or storm safe shelters:

*Flashlight with extra batteries
*12 pack of bottled water
*First Aid Kit
*blankets, pillows
*battery powered radio to listen to weather
*cell phone (preferrably charged…thank you)
*snack bars, snack food
*extra change of clothing/underwear
*ziplock baggie full of personal info like: credit card numbers, insurance phone numbers/policy info, emergency phone numbers, etc.
*those with children: extra diapers, food, formula, bottles
*travel pack (toothbrushes, travel toothpaste, wipes, eye drops)

If I forgot anything above….I’m sure you get the idea. I am making a promise to my family to be better prepared. I am printing this list off and putting it in action this week!!

The really good is…it’s a miralce actually…if my son hadn’t been so sick last night and I hadn’t kept him home, I would have been exiting at the exact place at the exact time where the tornado hit and flipped cars over on the road. I would have been exiting to go pick him up from day care and could have been in a serious accident.

… Although I never want my son to be sick, God used my son’s sickness to save me from a worse fate.


2 thoughts on “Minor tornado hits a few miles from home”

  1. I don’t know how you do it. I few years back we had a weird storm that brought tornadoes and whatever you call tornadoes that don’t completely touch the ground all around where we were camping! was in the middle of the night! When we woke we realized we were right smack in the middle of everything…not an experience I ever want to go through again!

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