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Using what God gave you

meA great orator, I am not! It’s not that I’m not good with words, because I am a very logical or analytic person, who help a few people along the way with words of wisdom. My mind has the what needs to be said, I just can’t get the words out in some instances. Like when it comes to public speaking, or speaking to someone under fire…I clam up! I stutter! I run my words together! I only speak well when I’m at ease with the person with me and or the situation I’m in. Conflict is obviously not good for my verbal skills. And my lack of ability to speak isn’t even that noticable to most, but noticable enough that I can not command with authority when I’m not confident speaking.

Writing is where I can excell in getting out a message…in a letter, card, or a blog. I am sure I make many grammatical errors when writing, but I still speak/write from my heart and it reaches those that it’s intended to reach. I use what God gave me to do His will in my life.

That doesn’t change the fact that I have always been bothered that I can’t just stand up and speak eloquently, like most around me. I think I could do better at this, but focus on my inabilities so much that it undermines me even more. Last night, I read in my devotional book,Faith for a Lifetime, an excerpt about reaching out with love. It helped me see this issue of mine a whole lot clearer. It gave me such peace, knowing that I can use what talents I have and be ‘okay’ just the way I am.

Don’t get me wrong…I subscribe to the whole SNL Stuart Smalley philosophy. I like me just the way I am…but get real! We all have things that bother us about ourselves that we would like to be better at! This doesn’t mean that I won’t keep trying to improve on my confidence level with my speech, but the little testimonial book gave me a whole lot clearer message.

May the Lord…incline our hearts to Himself,…that all the peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God.
1 KINGS 8:57-60

Christa Kinde, Women of Faith Devotional Bible, stated, “God uses the simple things of the world to confound the wise. In other words, He can take our everyday routines, our oridinary curcumstances, and our simple faith to change lives. DONT LET FEARS AND UNCERTAINTIES GET IN THE WAY OF SHOWING GOD’S LOVE. Reach out to those around you. Tell them about your own experiences. God will use your kindness and unselfishness to capture the attention of the lonely and the lost.

I encourage you all of faith, who are afraid of testifying because you feel you need to stand on a street corner to do it, not to focus on what you could never do. I think Satan works on our fears…obviously. But what I’m trying to get across is that he gets in our heads, and tell us that we could never be workers of God because we’d have to do something we’re not comfortable with.

Yes, if you’re heart is being called to stand on a street corner…..for heaven’s sake…do it! Thats not my way, but it is for some. BUT if you’re focusing on all the different ways you could never testify or exclaim your faith—stop focusing on what you can’t do and figure out what you can do! Even if it’s simply stopping a someone at a gas station, and letting them know that God wanted you to give them a small blessing today, while handing them an extra $10.

Start small and work your way into what feel comfortable for you.
Leave your radio station on with Christian music when car pooling.
Ask your nieghbors if they’ve found a good church home.
Pray that God gives you the means to express your faith in some way that is unexpected!

Most importantly LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE JESUS WOULD EXPECT….honorably with a clean living!
Keep Him in your hearts at all times with every action and word spoken.
Your life will be your testimony and others will take notice, I promise!
Pretty soon you’ll have people asking YOU–why you’re so different and what your beliefs are.
That’s your opportunity to share your faith and your heart.


1 thought on “Using what God gave you”

  1. I can so relate! I used to think I had to stand on the street corner, but it’s so much easier! I keep my radio on at work or in my car, walk into a building or staff room with a Christian CD or book and mention the cool things that happened at church in conversation. It’s amazing how easy that is! when someone first said to me, “I know you’re a Christian….” it was awesome!! great post!

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