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March Blessings!

My adorable little son sits mimicking his dad, on the couch, watching March Madness. Each year, my sports widowdom has become less and less depressing as I watch my son take on the love of the game.

I love sports, but my dear husband is a finatic of any sport…football, basketball, car races, or ping pong…if they broadcast it. I get a little overloaded some seasons, and have to just ignore most of it. However now I see my little four year old idolizing my husbands zeal for the game. He had his terrible towel last two football seasons, and could yell for Ben Roethlisberger early on. “Number 7! He’s my guy! Go Ben Rothlessssbrgerrrr,” he would yell while twirling his toddler terrible towel.

Now it’s basketball season, and the ides of March are upon us. I usually do the brackets and do better than my husband does. It’s a women’s intuition thing….I don’t research the teams. I just get a gut feeling and go with it. This year I have chosen not to watch (see TIME FOR HIM post), so I’m just sitting back and watching my son have so much fun with his daddy. It’s such a blessing to see the simple things in life and adore them.

Thank you LORD for my family, our health, and for blessing our needs before we even know what they are ourselves….Amen!


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