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Time for Him

scan_731010827_1.jpg For the past four years, God has been speaking to my heart on how much time I dedicate to him. A lot of us only connect with him on Sundays…others just on holidays.

As I grow in years and spiritual maturity, I recognize a few things about myself. Even at my worst times in life, I have always looked to Him for guidance. In my best times, I pray with thanks. I am one, who throughout the day prays at any time….while I’m driving, working, doing chores, etc. BUT before I pat myself on the back, it strikes me that these are inactive activities with God. What active participation do I have? Other than going to church, or doing devotions before sleep. And sometimes these things become routine. What have I given up for God?

I have been reading “Faith for a Lifetime”, a Women of Faith devotional book, before going to be each night. I skipped ahead to March 10’s entry last night and it was about putting things out of your life that interfere with your relationship with Christ. It was titled, “A Robe of Righteousness”, and the bible verse was:
“Fear the LORD, serve Him in sincerity and truth, and put away all gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the Lord!”

This really spoke to me. He has brought me through some of the worst times in life, and figuratively speaking parted the red sea to safely give me passage to the other side. Yes, I’ve been thankful for all the blessings in my life…what am I doing actively to sacrifice for Him in my life?

I’ve decided to make an effort in two places in my life.

1) I plan on finding a place in my church that I can serve, wether it be the choir or serving as a greeter.

2) I’ve decided to cut back on my TV shows.

Although I know some of the shows I watch are not faith based, I’ve never wanted to give them up. God has been pulling at my heart to cut back on the amount of time I spend infront of the tube. This might sound silly, but I find it something I’ve never been able to give up…a soft addiction.

I think if we all look closely, we could find something that takes too much of our attention. For me it’s TV. It’s my time to veg out and just sit. I get to lost in someone else’s drama and let my mind let go for an hour. I am a huge fan of entertainment. I also have a PVR so I can fit 5 hours of TV into one. So now my choice is to cut back on the shows I record, and reduce my viewing time. This time could be better served, and now it’s up to God to give me the strength to DO it! I am weak when it comes to television, so I ask all of you, who pray, to keep me on your list.


3 thoughts on “Time for Him”

  1. Hi Child of The King,
    You are speaking for so many of us. We just don’t admit it.
    Thank God for his unmerited Grace.
    I too have a conviction about the same things.
    I’ll pray for you and you pray for me.
    Hope we meet in Heaven around the Throne of Jesus.
    Remember his love and grace will guide us all the way.
    Keep the Faith and Best Regards

  2. I will do so for you too. And yes, how wonderful it will be to meet all those we’ve reached out and touched through the internet once we’re in heaven.

  3. Amen to that sister! I will pray for you that God will give you the sign of where he wishes you to serve. I joined the choir last year and I LOVE it!

    I agree with your comment on my blog about Denzel Washington. Did you see him this last week on Oprah? He is truly a man of God and you can see the blessings he has recieved from God. Did you know his son playes in the NFL?

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