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4 more days…

My son is turning four in a few days…4 days to be exact. His birthday is March 11th. I am amazed every day at how fast they grow up and how much they soak in. Yesterday I told him, “Honey, you’re only going to be 3 years old for 5 more days!” He simply turned to me and said, “No mommy, I’m only going to be 3 years old for 4 more days. I’ll be 4 years old in 5 more days.”

What? :0 My son was correcting my math skills and he was on the nose?! He is one specific little guy.

I can’t imagine how fast time is going to fly. I left town for a few days, this past weekend, for a girl’s weekend with my sister and best friend. I came back after 4 days, and I swear he’d grown a half inch and was more mature than I remembered. How did that happen in such a short time span? Each night as he sleeps I listen to his steady breathing and thank the Lord that I have this little blessing to raise. I know he’ll be 14 and then 24 before I know it, and it’s such a bittersweet thing.

I look forward to his high school graduation, his first love, his college years, and wedding. I also look forward to just having him today, and hoping he won’t grow up too fast. I don’t think I could handle that.


9 thoughts on “4 more days…”

  1. Yea I had a child just last week that I would just prop up in the corner of the couch and he would stay there. Now I have a 7 year old that runs out of the room before I can even turn a complete circle! What happened?

    Anyway, BIG happy birthday wishes to your angel, and get lots of kisses from him now before he has you dropping him off a block from school!

  2. I had a slight panic attack today thinking about how fast my son is growing, how quickly my due date is coming and how soon I wont have any more babies in my life. Even though one is just a fetus!! They grow so fast that it’s painful. I have to remember they’ll still be my kids even if they aren’t babies and I’ll still love them just as much. Right now my son IS a baby so I can’t picture him to still be my son and not one….if that makes any sense. I think I need to go stare at him while he sleeps, I need to capture another moment.

  3. Is there room for a few lines from an old guy – an old GUY – in this string? 😀

    I loved opening the door to our son’s room when he was little, seeing him standing at the end of his crib, smiling at me as I came in to say good morning. “Heyyy Sunshinnnne!” Picking him up and feeling his good-morning hug around my neck.

    I loved the day we went for a walk around the lake at the park and he threw his pacifier over the side of the bridge “to a little fish who needs one” so he could move to his big-boy bed that night.

    I loved hauling him back and forth to school, Dad-son moments in 10-minute increments.

    I loved watching him try swimming, little league baseball, wrestling and track – and eventually deciding “I want to be in band.”

    I loved guiding him as he picked his instrument. Drums? You’ve got “a good clock in your head”, no doubt – OK. Private lessons are a given. You will do this well.

    I loved driving to Chicago to watch and hear the band march in the Thanksgiving Day parade, then whisking him away to drive six hours to Green Bay for Thanksgiving with the family.

    I loved helping find his first drum set, his first guitar, his mandolin… His college – on a percussion scholarship. Yess!

    I melted and wept at his being the first to forgive me for a huge failure in my life.

    I loved hearing him in concert, hated that he seldom wrote home or called, completely immersed in university life, but tried to understand.

    I’m loving having him home this week. Newly 21, talking, dreaming about his future plans, helping him wordsmith some leadership documents he’s working on during break, watching him gloat (just a little) that he got his taxes done before I did. Talking on the way home from the symphony Saturday night, hearing him thank me for the way his mother and I raised him and his older sister. Listening to the first movement of a woodwind quintet he’s writing – about the noble gasses no less! (Honest! It’s pretty!)

    Every step, every phase has its bright spots, and you’re right. They do go fast. I’m so glad I listened when someone told me way back when… Make sure the memory tape rolls every day and you thank the Lord often for today. The memories are precious!

    What you all are expressing is the same thing Mary did in Luke 2.19, 51-52. You’re in good company! Enjoy~!


  4. That was beautiful Phil. Anytime you want a few lines to blog…please do. You always are so eloquent with your words, and you can tell you’re a great dad.


    Hbr 11:4 By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh.

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    What does man define as sacrifice?

    The act of offering something to a deity in propitiation or homage, especially the ritual slaughter of an animal or a person.

    Forfeiture of something highly valued for the sake of one considered to have a greater value or claim.

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    It all comes down to sacrifice. God had to sacrifice so much to give us this gift of free will that ultimately benefits us the most in the end. Does it benefit God; of course it does but I want you to see how God had our best interest in mind and how God gives up more for us to have this than we do with our little time on this earth. In such a way you will no longer have a thought of comparison.

    When God first created man He sacrificed more than the world can ever see. God did not create evil for the purpose of evil. When God created man He created something very special beyond all other creations. We know Satan was created before man for a simple reason. When God created Adam and Eve He gave them something special called “choice” or “free will”. If we did not have choice then we would be robots and we would not have a free will. Why would God want us to have something so powerful as free will? To God we become real, we become meaningful, we bring purpose and we fulfill one of His greatest creations which is love. Just think for a moment what it took for God to give us free will.

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    Why would God create something that would cause Him so much pain and something that will actually take a part of Him away forever. In the end; God’s children are His by our own will. Not because we were forced to but because we chose to because we were not blind to His love. As the days get shorter the devil is working harder to make people believe in everything but God. Satan is also working hard on those who do believe in God by limiting our beliefs in his power and existence. Do not be blinded to the sacrifice God has given to you before you made any sacrifice in your life whatsoever towards His glory. Why do you think we were commanded to give sacrifices to God? So that we could be conditioned to understand the meaning of sacrifice in order that we could see the great love that God had for us before man was even created.

    Glory to GOD,

    Kerry Dale Hancock Jr
    messenger in CHRIST

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