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Spiritual Gifts

100_45901.JPGWe all are blessed with God given talents. Some of us can sing, others dance, but some gifts aren’t so external. I know that I have a lot of obvious gifts, but the older I get the more I recognize He’s blessed me with a spiritual tuner. Some call it discernment. Some call it mental empathy. All I know is that sometimes…I just know things.

It may be as simple as what elevator will open out of the ten that a group is waiting on. It may be as forboding as knowing when a family member will have something serious happen to them, and am called to pray. It may be just feeling what someone, on my heart, is feeling. I am far from being psychic. It’s more of an empathetic.

What’s really crazy is my son’s ability to tell me exactly what I’m thinking sometimes. I know that children and parents are connected in a way, that those without kids can’t understand. My mom, sister, and I are all connected on a mental level too. Growing up, when I was in trouble, my mom always sensed it. She still does. But my son….wow! He’s developed such a sensitivity at such an early age, which he may grow out of as he grows up. Who knows.

One night, my husband was putting my son to sleep and deliberating in his head about his career path. His heart was seriously burdened on the choices he was going to have to make in his immediate future. My son knew nothing of any of this adult ‘stuff’. We would never burden a 3 year old with something that he wouldn’t understand. As my husband lay there with my son, waiting until he fell asleep, my little one reached up to his face. He grabbed my husbands cheeks and strongly said, “Don’t worry daddy. You’re going to like your new job.”

Now how in the world would he know what my husband was worrying about? His little heart is so in tune with ours that he just senses what we feel and sometimes think. He is so much like me that it’s scary! I pray God can help me guide him on the right path throughout his life. He’s going to be a spectacular human being! He already is!


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Gifts”

  1. What a great story. Indeed our children could see this world with their pure sight. And sometimes their words is really make sense better than we thought.

  2. Amen. They’re so pure and simple, that they know how to cut to the heart of the matter. We adults get so caught up in stuff and forget to think like a child would. We all could learn from that.

  3. Wow. Thanks for sharing that story. Kids are amazing. Good luck in nurturing that talent. It is so important today.

    I on the other hand am completely clueless when it comes to this sort of thing. I wish I were more like you in that regard.

    Thanks for that post.


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