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The wicked witch of the south

We all have had some harrowing work situations with supervisors/bosses who made our lives hell, and furthermore…enjoyed doing so. So what I am going to write will not suprise anyone, but this last week I got a second taste of victory and have to share it.

If you all read about my husband’s allergy problems and near death experience in a former post, titled ‘Adult on-set allergy awareness’, then you are well aware of the stress I was under. So that sets up my emotional toll for this post. During that trying time, in helping my husband recover physically and mentally, I also had the responsibility of being the primary bread winner. My hubbies’ organs had all shut down one by one, and his recoup time was a long one. I divided my time in care taking and dedicating all my energy to a high stress sales position.

While working for this establishment, I was under the supervision of a woman, who was well known for her behavior. The only people who wouldn’t aknowledge is was the HR department or her direct superiors. She was there for 17 years, and I’m convinced to this day that she either ‘had dirt on someone’ or ‘slept with someone’ to have been able to keep her job for that length of time. The way she handled her day to day duties weren’t the issues, it was how she handled her employees…especially if it was a female or pregnant employee. She couldn’t have children and targeted those who could.

My dear old boss targeted any female who was thin, attractive, and had any confidence what-so-ever. While at the worst times in my life, she would bring me in her office and berate me for my performance…even though my territory was succesful. She found ways to harass me daily. For a period of 4 months straight, she pulled me to her office to tell me how badly I was doing and how I would never be successful at my job.
This was in effort to make me quit. For anyone who knows me, they’d understand that I never back down. I am not a quitter, especially when pushed to my limits by someone else.

One week after my grandfather’s funeral, she pulled me in her office yet for another belittling session. This was when I was 6 months pregnant. She dressed me down for how I handled my grandfather’s death, and told me to start wearing suits to work. She told me that I was breaking dress code by wearing my maternity wear, and she knew there were suits out there for people in my condition. She wanted to know what to tell everyone else, who complained that they couldn’t dress like me, when they approached her.

I simply told her in my tongue in cheek fashion, “Next time someone dies in my family, I will look to you for emotional guidance. Maybe then you’ll approve of how I handle their death. As far as the way I’ve been dressing– If you would like to go shopping with me, I would be happy to let you pay $600 for a suit jacket and $600 for a skirt or dress pants, as thats how expensive business suits are for women ‘in my condtion’. If anyone asks how they could get by with dressing like me, you can tell them to get pregnant.”

I smiled and left. This wasn’t the last time she found ways to target me, but it was the last time I let her get to me. I started praying for her afterwards. I prayed every day, while getting for work, that God would bless her heart and give her a good day. Because if she was in a good mood, chances were she’d forget about harassng me for the day. I prayed a prayer of protection, so that she would not feel the desire to try to hurt me anymore.

(note I didn’t dress like a slob. I work black maternity pants, and nice sweater sets and tops. Furthermore, no one had asked her about my wardrobe, she was just trying to poke at me)

After a few months of prayer I stopped feeling the stress of the situation. She may not have let up, but I just stopped caring. I tolerated her behavior because I didn’t want to be accused of insubordination, but tried not to focus any energy on her. In fact, on one of her good days I actually told her that I prayed for her everyday, and she suprisingly thanked me.

After maternity leave, it was a different story. The harassment got worse. She resented that I was a mother, and was hoping I would quit. She again underestimated me. After all these months of praying for her, I was getting weary and really tired of having to be strong. Some would call me stupid to stay in that situation, but I didn’t have a choice. I needed that paycheck.

Finally instead of arbitrarilly praying the same prayer, I asked God for guidance and listened….He quietly responded:

“Don’t worry anymore–you’re going to be there long enough to see her leave.”

Sure enough one month later, she quit her job and left to work for one of our clients. It was a new era for me. Everyone celebrated along side of me with smiles at her going away speach. We gritted our teeth and beared as we listened to how much she loved all of us and much she’d miss us. I was jumping for joy that she was leaving and all I could think was, “THANK YOU GOD! DING DONG THE WITCH IS GONE!”

She’s been at her new position for almost two years now…until last week. I found out Wednesday that they fired her, due to her inability to handle her employees. Apparently 12 of her graphic designers quitting and walking out in one day, wasn’t the first thing that got their attention…but at leas they took action.

AMEN!! God promised me I’d see her leave my work place, and He delivered me from the talons of an evil woman. And on top of that she was fired from her new cushy job! Not that I wish anything bad for her, and I know she’ll land on her feet…as most alley cats do. BUT….but I’m feeling pretty good right now.


8 thoughts on “The wicked witch of the south”

  1. Is it not amazing how God works! I feel that people like that are just “toxic” and just like anyone with an illness, you may have to keep away from them and just pray for their healing.

    Thank you for praying for Chris, I deeply appreciate it! Also do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? Have a blessed day!

  2. “Vengence is mine” says the Lord…

    And you were able to witness that first hand.

    God just asks that we love others… Keep praying for her, she needs it now more than ever.

  3. I tried not to revel in the latest news of her losing her job too long! I will say a prayer for her tonight…thank you for the humble reminder skywindows!

  4. I work for someone VERY similar to who you are describing (Ever hear of a boss getting pissed because you HAVE to take a week off to be with your daughter who has cancer and having surgery??)

    This post was a reminder in a BIG way that I need to start praying for her as well… Thank you for that reminder blessed1.

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