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today’s star obsessed society

Maybe I’m just getting older, or maybe I’m more conservative than I thought, but I’m having trouble lately really caring why Brittany shaved her head. Or why brangelinacrop.jpg brangelina didn’t show up to the oscars. I wouldn’t have even known this if it weren’t for Yahoo posting it on their home page today, because I DIDN’T watch it last night. I knew all the winners would be in the news as well as the fashion do’s and don’t’s.

I do like certain stars and will watch their films. For example, I adore Sean Connery and will see anything he is in. I think Tom Selleck is the most humble person and can state that with clarity, because I’ve stood and chatted with him. And I think Matthew McConaughey is nice scenery. SO there are a few select people that I admire because of their talent or their persona. HOWEVER let me clarify that I think the glorious adoration that most of these celebs receive is out of control. They have jobs just like we do and put their pants on every day like the rest of us. The only difference is….their’s are designer jeans and were probably free b/c the designer wants their name plastered on their well toned behinds, while the rest of us pay an arm and a leg to find just one pair to fit our less than tone behinds.

I do not hold any cynicism toward Hollywood. I think it’s great that we have talented actors, who compete daily in the sea of the media. I certainly couldn’t keep up with that lifestyle…constantly being under the microscope. They have to worry every minute for every move they make, incase it shows up on some tabloid somewhere. And it probably will.

I guess I am aggravated at the general public for holding celebreties up like gods, to be worshipped. It just seems to be so out of hand in the last 5 years. I don’t even get real news anymore…it’s all focused on Hollywood and the latest super couple scandal. I just think we all could use a little break, don’t you?


4 thoughts on “today’s star obsessed society”

  1. Nice post. I watched the Oprah interview with the celeb match-ups and as I watched Julia Roberts in a casual environment, I really liked her. She talked about her kids with that little gleam in her eye and I identified with her as someone, under other circumstances, that I would like to have a friendship with. It’s too bad that there is such a division between the celebs and the rest of us. I agree, they put their pants on the same way (when they wear them…that is).

    Thanks for your comments on my site. I’m enjoying yours 🙂

  2. I do. I do think we need a little break. Unfortunately, I think the reality is that we won’t and dare I say, it may even get worse…just the more reason why we need Jesus and need to pray ferviously for God to have mercy and work in our lives.

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