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A special birthday gift

Man! I don’t know about most of you moms with 3 to 4 years olds, but I am amazed at mine’s progress in the last few days. He’s always been ahead of himself in development, but lately he’s so grown up. He’s saying things that blow me away and I can’t believe my little baby will be 4 in one short month.

For his birthday, he gave me a very specific list on who he wanted to invite. It ended up being about 16 kids. Yes, we’re inviting them all, but with one hitch. They’re not allowed to bring presents. I borrowed an idea from a good friend and wanted to share it with you:

Our family members can bring presents to him at his party, but all his little friends are being asked to bring dog food/treats. I know you all are thinking, “What?”….However, we’re going to donate all that food to the local chapter of the humane society. My little man has so many ‘things’ and toys that he doesn’t need anything. So I figured this would be my gift to him, by allowing him to learn civic mindedness. We’ll take all the dog food/treats he gets as donations at his party, and he’ll personally get to see how they’ll benefit those animals that are in need. He’s old enough to get the idea and is excited about it. He’s got such a big heart, and I hope he enjoys it!

As I write this, he’s racing ‘the cars game’ with his daddy and enjoying his bonding time with my wonderful hubby. All is good in our house today, and I’m so blessed.


3 thoughts on “A special birthday gift”

  1. Very good idea. One Christmas I had my kids go through their rooms and look for gently used toys that they no longer play with to donate to various homeless shelters. I made sure that all the toys looked fairly new. It made a lasting impression on the kids, that they still talk about to this day.

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