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what I like about you….

So often in life we find ourselves focusing on what we don’t like in others or ourselves. The negative is the forefront of our thoughts and views. In the past, I’ve found myself criticizing myself and others, when they don’t stand up to certain standards.

One thing I try to make a conscious effort to do is to focus on the positives in those around me and myself. They’re much more enjoyable to recognize and acknowledge. I even go as far as mentioning one thing to a person. One small thing to someone, that I like about them. It may be silly to some, but I feel if I can acknowledge one attribute or characteristic in someone…maybe they’ll see something positive in someone else too. It kind of lends a hand in positive thinking.

For example…the other day, after my sister handed me a piece of gum, I said, “You know, one of the many things I like about you is your generosity. Every time you get yourself a piece of gum, you always offer one to me.” She started laughing, but thought it was really sweet too. She thanked me for pointing that out. Now every time she hands me gum or a mint, I just smile and wink at her. It’s kind of a little joke between us.

That is a silly example of ‘the what I like about you’ plan, but if you’re struggling with someone in your life. Maybe a boss, maybe a co-worker, or spouse…I encourage you to focus on something positive you can speak to them about. Don’t we all get enough negative everyday? Aren’t you tired of talking about the negatives in life? Find ONE thing that you want to give kudos to and tell them…..’you know…one of the many things I appreciate about you is __________’

Just fill in the blank. Making someone feel better about themselves is the best gift you can give them, and trust me it’s a gift that will pay you back.


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