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The ice storm keep comineth’

The ice storm keep comineth’
Current mood: cold

Okay, after a state of emergency has been declared for the state of OK, due to last weeks ice storm…more is predicted to come this weekend.

It is actually nice to look around and see all the white, until the slipping and sliding of my car redirects my attention to my task at hand–driving. Of course, it’s never the controlled careful drivers to watch out for, like myself. It’s just that there aren’t that many of those on the road.

As if driving on that stuff, isn’t bad enough…now you have to watch for flying ice from the tops of semi’s. I got hit, rather nailed, this week on the hood of my car with a big sheet of thick ice. Thank the Lord, it barely missed my windshield. I would have been toast.

Yesterday the ice melted (slightly). By 5 pm, when the sun (what little there was) was going down, it became worse than before. The sludge wasn’t enough to give us traction….b/c it kept moving around and making our tires slide around in it. Then after 5 pm, it froze into irregular tire patterns, that kept us all guessing where to drive. There weren’t solid tracks anymore.

We’re supposed to get up to 10″ more this weekend. Keep us in your prayers.

Ps….Vanilla Ice’s song ‘ice ice baby’ keeps playing in my head….make it stop!!!!


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