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Blind faith

I want to encourage you all, that are struggling with the concept of God’s love, to let go of your objections for one second. For one second think about the flip side. What if there is a God, who sent his son to save us from our sins? What if there was an all powerful being, in heaven, preparing a place for you — if you’d only receive him?

I’m not going to break out scripture for you, as I’m not a pastor. I’m not a thumper who forces something down other’s throats. I’m not a zealot who thinks everyone who doesn’t do what I say is going to hell.

I’m am not worthy to judge anyone for their choices or lifestyle. I am someone, however, who has experienced God’s awesome love. Someone who has received many blessings in life, that can’t be explained other than them being from God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Blind faith is a hard concept to swallow, especially for those who have to see to believe. Think about this….

There are those, who, believe that there is no afterlife. They believe we just evaporate into the cosmos. Or they believe we’re reborn into another life form. Okay? I acknowledge that they have a right to their beliefs. God gives them the free will to choose their path.

BUT…what if they’re wrong and God’s word is the truth? A truth that gives them everlasting life, for those that ask him in their heart. A truth that judges those, who choose not to belief and live with him in their hearts and lives. And the consequence for the non believers? well, simply put: hell.

Even if I hadn’t experienced God’s powerful will in my life, and understood his presence in my heart I wouldn’t believe in him as much as I do. Each tragedy and triumph he’s brought me through has strengthened my faith in him. For non-believers, I wouldn’t want to think about the consequences. If I were a non-beleiver and was on the fence, what would my choice be? Choosing that I’d absorb in the cosmos, or reincarnation, or going to hell? If I’m right and hell is real…wouldn’t you want to give your life some thought?

Blind faith is hard to swallow but those that do it…those that take that leap of faith, will see a difference…not immediately. God’s timing is not always our own. We want things now…immediate gratification. God does bless us in his perfect timing. We just have to keep our faith in him, through rough time and good ones. For one second, think about the truth in his word. He will be with us throughout life. He does NOT promise an easy life. Man has free will to choose his path…and that means bad things will happen. He will be there to support you along the way though…to carry you when you can’t walk any longer. Without the valleys, those mountains wouldn’t be as beautiful! Jesus aches to bring you to safety….if you only ask and listen. Listen to the soft whisper in your heart. If your conscience is pushing you to go to church, to read the bible, to pray…remember that it is his voice speaking to you.

For one second take time to reflect on your life. If you died today, what would happen to you? God wants you to indefinitely know the answer without a doubt. He want’s you to know that you’d be in heaven.


4 thoughts on “Blind faith”

  1. Great post. I had a similar conversation with my brother who believes in a god, “some infinite place where the soul goes”, and that he has everything in himself that he needs–he doesn’t need to rely on “anyone or anything”. I think I will share your post with him…thank you

  2. That a hard one to overcome with so many out there encouraging others to believe in ‘a’ god. I will keep your brother in my prayers when God lays him on my heart.

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