family bonds, ice storm, motherhood, travel

home bound

outside night shot of ice storm 2007

The ice has continued to come, day after day. They say it may stop tomorrow and move past Oklahoma for good, but the weather will not warm up any time soon. So needless to say, it will still be dangerous to tread out for the rest of the week. Although it’s a beautiful sight, I am ready to venture out soon. The three of us are home bound and we’re running out of things to do. I’m just glad we haven’t gotten on each other’s nerves. (knock on wood…or ice)

My parents are supposed to fly in on Tuesday, after a 10 day cruise from a summerlike enviroment. Man are they in for a shock. People are getting stranded in airports right and left. I’m sure their flight will come in safely. It’s just a matter of getting them home.

This blanket of ice is deceiving. It looks like snow…fresh and pure, until you drive on it and slip and slide across the road. For those of you who don’t have to get out, please stay safe at home. If you need some interesting ideas to keep you busy, here’s a list of things we’ve found to keep ourselves occupied: (keep in mind I have a three year old)

Turn the lights out and play with flashlights
Make cookies
Get out the playdough or moonsand (that lasted for 2 1/2 hours today)
Read books
Clean house (my sister deep cleaned her whole place)
Do Laundry
Get in the kitchen and create culinary surprises
Create an art masterpiece
and if all else fails….get out some movies….


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