ice storm, travel

7 hour road trip on the ice

Thursday the 11th, I had to travel to Dallas for an awards banquet I was invited to through work. Only a select few were invited, based on their preformance in 2006. Being new to the company, I was honored to be invited.

HOWEVER…bad weather was due to strike and I wasn’t looking forward to traveling. But since when am I at ease leaving my family and traveling? When I was younger and had no one at home depending on me, I loved to be on the road. IT rocked! But now, it’s a little different.

I have to say that I had a great time! We had a cozy group of about 45 people from our region. It was a private catered dinner at our Regional Manager’s loft/condo in the ritzy, trendy part of big D. And then we went on his rooftop to toast our success and the new year with a round of champagne toasts. We all said a little, and gave our thanks to those that have helped us achieve our milestones in our career. Hip Hip Horah!

Driving home today was no fun at all. What would normally take 3 to 3 1/2 hours took 7 long tedious hours. It wasn’t icy in Texas yet, but it was pouring rain so hard that we couldn’t see the road. The second we crossed the state line, we noticed the temperature drop. And about 40 miles into our great state of Oklahoma, it got severe. Our windshield iced over, and the roads went from wet to slippery in an instant. Many cars slid into ditches.

Everyone sane was driving between 35-40 miles per hour. However, there were a few kooks that sped down like it was Indy. They would have liked to have almost killed us all. The semi’s flew down the road just as fast. What drugs are those guys on that they think they can keep on truckin’ in a major ice storm?

Anyway, I’m just glad to be home safe and sound. My son told me that he and daddy prayed for me to travel safe. He wanted to know all about my trip. I told him I had to call 911 for someone who slid off the highway and down a big hill. So he thought that was pretty amazing. All is well and thank you to all of you who texted me on the road to check up on me.

Love to you all!


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