Friday’s Reflections

I pulled up to my house after dropping my son to school today, and noticed how gargantuan my flower bed is becoming.  In the last two years I’ve planted a few favorites here and there in small portions.  Some are ground cover that spread, and some are simple flowers that flourish.  I did not know that my soil was so rich as the only thing in this front bed, when I moved in, was big burly bushes that were horrendous.  They were prickly and bushy, and weren’t welcoming at all.  

I never dreamed that my simple ground cover and flowers would dig their roots in and take over, growing like mad!  Even my mother, who is technically a ‘master gardener’, is overwhelmed at the size of my little babies who’ve become montrousities in my garden.

It made me think about the human spirit and how planting such a little seed in such fertile soil can do amazing things.  Just like my flower garden, where I have to divide the plants out and replant in the back yard now, are the many people that started their faith with the littlest of seed and a lot of sun.  God uses that seed and His son, to grow their faith and use their talents.

God uses that fertile field to grow his people and their faith, to the point where they’re growing and reaching so far out that they touch so many other lives.  I know God is continuing to work on my faith.  

My biggest downfall is my laziness.  I know I get lazy sometimes and need to just simply listen and obey.  I visit the same issues with my son.  He has issues with simply listening and doing what is asked of him, instead of doing things his own way.  

I know how frustrated I get with my son, who fights my authority from time to time.  It’s normal for a 5 – 6 year old to find that balance and test his boundaries.  It makes me wonder how frustrated God must get with me sometimes when I get lazy.  

I pray today that He continues to work on me.  I pray He helps me get over myself and just do what is asked of me.  My biggest want is that he gives me the ability to plant the seed for his purposes in other’s lives through this blog and through my books.  

I pray that we all listen, and OBEY  to his call for our lives – because those are two different actions and are equally important.

Another week

This weeks blessings have been obvious!  Although I’m short on time, I’m full of really good things starting to happen.

 I started a part time job this past Monday, to help us along a little further.  In times like these, you have to do everything you can just to get by.  Although, it’s made me realize how tired I am – it’s nice to get all dressed up and have some place to go.  The one thing I’m not happy about: those extra responsibilities are sucking my creative juices –  BUT the extra income we desperately need will I’m sure make up the difference.  And the manager has slammed me back to back in the schedule b/c she had some last minute hours to use.  So hopefully I’ll only work 3 days a week, instead of 6.

I found out we got locked in at a very low rate, for refinancing our home.  We close at the end of the month.  I’m blessed that I have people all around me to guide me and instruct me with wise words and ideas.  We’re trying to do ‘everything’ possible to cut back and trim the fat.  We could easily refinance for 30 years and lower our payment by over $250.00 — but what makes more sense to me is to refinance for 15 years.  We may have the same house payment or even a slightly higher one, but we’d pay it off a lot faster and our equity would be sitting pretty.

My son and I are finally almost free of the sinus crud.  It seems everyone is sick, so we’re glad to finally have a healthy household.  I’m so glad my husband never got any of it.  It’s hard to take care of one child, when you’re sick – but harder when you’re ‘man (turns into child when sick)’ gets sick all at the same time.  

My son’s 6th birthday was this week.  He’s growing into such an amazing young man.  He told me today – word for word: “Mommy, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world!”  Now was 6 year old says that?  They may say…’I’ve got the prettiest mommy’ – but my child blows me away with his depth and compassionate heart.  God has blessed me with a wonderful child, and I know it more and more every day.

I talked with someone this week, that I’m working deal with – that is giving me amazing instruction and inspiration.  God is opening big doors for me and I’m so thankful!

Lastly, I asked some people to send me some fun creative pics for Finding Kylie at my  wornoutwoman blog, and got some really fun pics.  I want to ask you all, who read this blog, for pictures too!  If you’ve read the book, please send me a picture of YOU with the book.  Get creative!  I plan on making a poster collage, to get inspiration while I finish the sequel, ‘Facing Redemption’.  To give you an idea…here’s one Terri sent me.

So get after it people.  And email me your pics at:


Friday Blessings

Spring is almost here.  You can feel the warmth creeping in and see the flowers start to barely bloom, as they test wether they can spread their petals wide reaching to bask in the sun.  I don’t know about  you but this winter, although a very busy one, has been a very cold one.  

For some cold dark weather equates to a cold dark spirituality or mental space they feel trapped in.  Sometimes just that little bit of sunshine goodness is all they need to feel hope again.

I know many people like this, who suffer in silence through the winter … not able to see all of God’s goodness even through the cold dark winters in life.  This is why it’s so severely important to count your blessings every single day!  

In times of darkeness, through winter’s cold, during rain or shine, God’s goodness and love for us is always there!  Sometimes we just have our emotional blinders on or too many layers piled on to see or feel His goodness.

Today when I know it’s probably too early for all the redbud trees in my neighborhood to bloom, I’m glad for it’s welcome sight of rebirth.  That tiny boldness of pink represents hope for spring not only for our state but our state of mind.  

So today, like all days, I count my blessings so that even through life’s winters, I have the peace of Jesus’ goodness and love in my heart.  

*My son is turning 6 this month, and every day I know how blessed I am to be his mommy.  This month especially I’m blessed that he’s growing into a fine young man.  They say ‘you are who you are by the time your six’.  Well if he’s at his core personality now, than this world will be blessed by what he’s going to do in God’s name real soon.  My son’s future is bright, and I’m blessed to have had anything to do with it.

*We’ve been sick but are finally on the mend.  I’m blessed just be able to breathe today…and what a day it is.  It’s only 8:45 a.m. and it’s already a warm 53 degrees.  Thank you Lord for blessing this day.

*I’ve been in touch with so many wonderful long lost’s on facebook.  Being a military brat, I moved every two to four years of my life, so I had many sad goodbyes.  The upside I had many wonderful hello’s … but the goodbye’s were mostly final, and held long lost friendships.  Through wonderful technology, like facebook, I’m able to reconnect with so many dear friends, that I’ve always wondered what happened to.  It’s a huge blessing to be friends again and have the simple blessing of being able to pick up a phone to talk to my best friends.

Although we all have winter in life, as seasons keep turning…environmentally and spiritually…we have to keep looking for the blessings.  Because trust me – there are plenty to be found.  

God loves us more than we can possibly imagine, and seeing the blessings and thanking Him for them, sometimes, is the only way to get through it all.  You’d be surprised just how much it helps.

My little sponge

I swear I never know what will come out of my son’s mouth these days.  It continues to amaze me just HOW much he soaks up and retains.  

For example, when the election took place, I was amazed at his emphatic passion for what was going on around him.  I try to never talk politics, as many out there do enough of it already for the majority of us.  I may put a little blurb on a blog here or there, but I’m not one of those people, who are loud with their policies/political beliefs.  

I especially did not tell my son who I felt would make a better President in this last election, as how could anyone know that or see the future?  I did tell him who I was voting for, because  he asked me, but would never run down the other candidate, as that’s not how I’m made.  PLUS why impose that on a five year old.  What I did give him was knowledge on the electoral process, and what the voting process looked like.  This was back in August of 2008 when he was asking about the whole concept of voting and how/why it worked.  If he’s old enough to ask, he’s old enough for the truth.

As the election came closer, he heard from his classmates their input on each candidate.  They even had a mock election, giving them choices to vote for Red or Blue.  Red, which stood for McCain, won that day in school.  He was excited that he chose the color that won.  I congratulated him on voting and left it at that, because it’s about his power to choose!  I was proud of him.

When Obama won the office of President, my son was sad.  The parents ideals and their philosophies had filtered down to their children and gave my son the impression that Obama equalled bad.  And he knew his parents had voted for McCain too.  I had to express to him that we respected the office of the President, no matter WHO held the office.  I had to share with him, that even though mommy didn’t vote for Obama, I was excited for the new era whether it was my choice candidate or not.  I told him that the exciting part about it is was the power of the American people, and their votes.

I wanted to give him hope that President Obama would make good choices on our behalf.  That’s my job as a parent to instill hope in my child … to lighten the big stuff … to keep him from being overwhelmed with things that he can not control.

His response?  (Keep in mind, he tells people he’s 4 and 3 quarters old when they ask his age – he’s a very specific kid)

“Mom, it doesn’t matter…because when I’m 9 and 3 quarters, we’ll vote again and have another President.”

I couldn’t believe that my ‘every four years we have an election‘ talk, FROM AUGUST was still retained in that little sponge of a brain in November.  

With my son, I tried to stay in the middle on this whole topic, because I don’t want to encourage discrimination for either party – Rep or Dem – because my husband and I aren’t straight party Repubs.  We look at each candidate as a potential selection based on their own policies and performance in office. BUT I let his comment stand on it’s own, because it was his opinion and I respected that.  I respect him for trying to formulate his own ideas and sticking to his guns.  For 5 almost 6 (5.75), he thinks so many big things through!! 

Today when my husband called to check on him, as we’re both home sick.  He ended his conversation with my DH….”Okay dad, work smart!”

I could tell my husband wasn’t sure of what he said, b/c he had to repeat himself….”you know…work smart while you’re there to make your money”  He’s a funny little kid with a big man’s mind.

I can’t believe in 9 short days, I’m going to have a 6 year old on my hands.  A wonderfully created, ingenius and funny, creative and highly social child, who loves with all his heart.  I only worry that he loves too much, BUT there’s no such thing as loving too much.

Have a great day all and thank God for all your blessings….especially your children!



Faithful Fridays

This has been an amazing week for the little things…

I’m still somewhat unemployed. I had to leave the restaurant because it started causing some minor health problems, due to my little to no time to actually eat. You’d think working with food I’d get to do that…but no. So I’m in the process of trying to find a part time job that will allow me to work around my son’s school schedule, which has been more than challenging as most PT jobs want you to work nights and weekends. This is not when I can work as I have a child at home.

What’s good about that? Well – I’m completely and utterly reliant on God to 100% provide for us as I look for a PT job. And so far my photography business has given us enough to get by in the last month and a half. Whew! This is a big blessing. And I just got hired for another wedding for this summer. Jobs are consistently rolling in…

The weather has warmed up to reach the 60′s and even 70 today. This has given me spring fever and isn’t it wonderful to have a warm breeze in the middle of winter?

I got to spend some time with both my mom and dad, at separate times, yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t get to see them much anymore, and it was nice just to be in their presence.

I met with a pastor at church this week to go over some ideas for my sequel…as one part of it has a sermon involved in it. I need to know I’m on the right track, and it was a big blessing just to sit and have him impart his wisdom on me.

I got a phone call from the Mayor’s office today. He’s granted me a phone interview to discuss sequel. One of my characters in ‘Finding Kylie’, is Jesse Mikale, who is a former Mayor of OKC…turned economic developer. As I delve into more of his work side in the sequel, I’ll need some input from someone who has lived or is living that role. Who better than Mayor Mick Cornett? His office said his Chief of Staff would most likely be the one to visit with me, but imagine my surprise when they called me on my cell yesterday to say he was taking time to visit with me. I was humbled and grateful.

My son tickles my funny bone every day…there’s just too much to catalogue in his daily stand up. But you can get a glimpse of something here that made laugh till I cried – on Wednesday.

My son’s also very excited about Papa John’s new heart shaped Pizza. This will be an economic way I can give him something nice this year…with something he loves most…PIZZA served with love.papa_johns_heart_shaped_pizza_photo

Last but not least…I’m being blessed daily by comments left by readers of Finding Kylie. I’m blown away at what they’re taking away from it and what is left with them, from reading it. Thank you to all of you who have emailed me or left me comments on my blog.

Ok I admit it…

I’m an entertainment junkie. One of the last commenters, from my last post, got me thinking. What exactly are my vices?

When I was young and a lot wilder, it was having a good time. Now it’s watching other people doing it on TV. Well…not doing ‘it’. LOL! But watching those, who have a blast whether it’s in reality TV or having a blast perfecting their craft.

From the Bachelor to Grey’s Anatomy I have to DVR it to get my fill.

About a year ago, God started tapping my heart…asking me why I was spending so much time with something that wasn’t glorifying Him. It got me thinking – is it some form of Idol worship when you’re spending time in activity that is not promoting your faith? Just how much time should I be dedicating to sucking my brain dry in front of the boob tube? How can I honestly say to my son, “you can only have so much ‘media’ time”, and limit his video games/computer/movie time…when I don’t put limits on me?

Well about a year ago I started trimming the fat so to speak. I stopped recording some shows on the DVR. Instead of all the ABC soaps, I chose to eliminate one of the three. Now I’m up to one and a half. I say that b/c I really enjoy watching ‘General Hospital’, but ‘One Life to Life’ is getting so old and boring that I fast forward through the whole thing. I still see what happens, but don’t have to hear the same character repeating the same old crap. So, now guess what? I’m not going to record it either and move it to the non watching show category along with ‘All My Children’.

There are a few shows I stopped watching in the evening as well. So I’m doing much better in this category, but I’m sure if I let myself admit it, I could really let go of more. The few I can’t let go of at this point? American Idol (even though the name is gets to me – and not in a good way), Bachelor with Jason/Ty, Greys – because of it’s amazing acting and McSteamy, Burn Notice, and LOST.

What are your vices? Has God talked to you about them and have you started to let go of them?

Friday’s Favorite Blessings


This was my view on my drive to FOX’s studio yesterday. I felt so blessed to see such an amazing view, especially after 4 days of ice and snow. To see the sun again was amazing, and for it to be so beautiful was that and more.

Yesterday’s live interview went very well. I’m waiting for them to send me the broadcast so I can upload it and post it. Apparently it takes 2 weeks. That was a shocker in today’s digital age, but at least I’ll be getting a copy.

This week has been good. I’m finally on an anti-biotic that I think I can take with out a HUGE allergic reaction! Hallelujah! Shout and singing here… After a chronic bladder infection for over two months, with no help in sight, I visited an amazing urologist, who was very capable and pro-active. He prescribed a new antibiotic that I’ve never even heard of, that is in it’s own class … so far it’s working with little to no side effects and no allergic reactions. HUGE people…this is huge for me!

I found out, of course, from my last post you’d already know this … but I found out my humble book is ready for a screen play. After being contacted, by someone who shall remain nameless, I’m starting that as my next project while still getting my sequel done. This is amazing that someone in that industry read, loved, and wants it. It is a blessing 10 fold.

Last night I had a book signing at an Indie book store. With the ice storms that have hit us in Oklahoma pretty hard, I wasn’t sure of the turn out. My evites and verbal conformations had my attendance at possibly up to 35 people. After already having a launch party with 100 people streaming through, I knew 35 would be a great turn out. After all…who could still be left to come?? Overall, it was a pretty decent turn out considering the last four days people were home bound. The book store was happy, and most of my friends and family came to support me.

One of my newer friends, a classroom mommy friend as I call the ones I meet through school, had a funny story for me. She said her husband, who is a cardiologist, entered his exam room to see his patient, who was reading ‘Finding Kylie’. He thought it was cool to be able to point to her book and say, ‘She’s a friend of ours.’ That cracked me up. I love it that my friends are so excited for me. I try not to get too excited as I know it will sound as if I were getting a big ego, which I’m not. I know God has blessed me with every bit of this gift, and I’m completely thankful. BUT when my friends get excited, it revs me up and I know I’m one fortunate girl to have them in my life.


I’m fighting off the flu at the moment, but am blessed to have some time to me today to rest. And that may just be the biggest blessing at the moment. Time for peace and healing. I have a meeting today at 3 pm CST that is an important one, so if you all could be praying for me…I’d appreciate it.

Love to you all!!!

Friday Blessings late-ish again

Man I’m not very good about being prompt lately. This week has been wonderful.

God has just given me what I need emotionally and spiritually to dump my slump. It’s nice to be able to rely on Him for all my needs…especially the intangible ones.

How can I not be in a good mood today though when I get messages from readers like this:

“Jesse just found out about Chastity and confronted John. The word “enjoy” is understated – I am planning to buy my niece a copy… this is definitely a book that all young girls should read and everyone else can relate too. Well, I going to get back to Finding Kylie.”

I love that the readers of Finding Kylie are being effected by this story in so many different ways. It’s like each person walks away from it with something different, so far all wonderful stuff, and has fallen in love with the characters. I love that they’re receiving it as I had hoped.

A few film maker friends of mine, one in London, is even chatting up the idea of making it into a film at some point. I won’t hold my breath on that one though…I will wait to see how well the book does first.

It’s rankings have been very well, as well as the reviews. Feel free to go to Amazon to read a few of them.

This week has received a few other small but wonderful blessings. I got a surprise check in the mail this week from a former employer, with money they owed me. It was a great gift from heaven to have that to pay bills with.

My writing has been on fire this week. When writing a book, especially a sequel, sometimes you have your idea in mind…but don’t really know how to give it framework to make it happen. This week God blessed me with so many storyline tid bits to make it all happen. I’m so so so ssoooooo excited to get this all done!

I have a book signing Thursday, at a local indie bookstore. The state paper this week committed to plugging it in their book section, and they said they’d also read my book to review it. I don’t think the review will happen this weekend in time for the signing…but it will happen soon and keep the PR going. That’s a big big blessing.

Next week I’ve got that meeting, that I mentioned in the previous post and will give you an update on next Friday’s Blessings (even if I post it on Saturday). :)

God is good in times of good and bad. We just have to keep loving and thanking Him, no matter what.


So far the response from ‘Finding Kylie’ has been overwhelmingly wonderful, so thank you to those of you, who have read it! And for those that like to read, and haven’t…I won’t be mad if you go buy one too! :)

Off the grid

Okay so maybe some of you I’ve not posted much lately, as I’ve just not felt like it.

Yes, I’ve been in a slump … spiritually, emotionally, physically, and in every sense of the word.

But through prayer and some reality checks, I’ve come to some really great conclusions.

God has a lot in store for me…some exciting things actually. I just had to wait a little…okay a lot…longer than I’d care to in order to hopefully figure it all out.

I have some important meetings coming up that may provide exactly what I need in so many ways. The desired results from next week’s meeting could be the answer to so many issues in our lives at the moment.

So please put us in your prayers, as a family, and for me as an individual.

I thank you in advance and appreciate you all for allowing me some time away from blogging in the last couple of months.

I look forward to catching up with all of you and informing you of some great news soon!!!!

Love to you all —- Kim

Friday Blessings

Today even my son commented on how fast this week flew.

I didn’t work this week which will not help our finances, but I’m sorting out a minor medical issue so I needed the time off. At the end of the month I’ve got an appointment to see someone that will help me sort it all out. Nothing major, so no need for alarm … but I’m a little tired.

ON a different note so many wonderful things have happened this week.

I’m well rested and have had such quality time with my husband.

We had our first basketball game this last weekend, and my son officially is obsessed with the game. Everything is either Mario Brothers or Basketball. He’s such a boy!

I got some more great reviews on Amazon, from readers who love my book. It’s amazing to go to Amazon and hear what random people think. The rankings slipped to the lowest they’ve been yesterday to 612,000…but still out of 3 millions books…that’s not bad. It’s been as high as 70,000 in rankings. For a new book…new author…with no marketing backing her….I’d say that’s doing alright!

I had two lunches this week…with two friends. I haven’t been to lunch with anyone in a loooong time. I’ve worked while other people had lunch, but haven’t had my own in a while. It was great to catch up with some gal pals of mine that I’d not in quite some time. Having my friends around is something I’ve missed.

I’m still sad without my dog here with me. Putting him to sleep last September was the hardest decision, that I still tear up over. BUT I know he loves me and am able to think about him now without crying. Shedding a few tears is progress. And I’m blessed to have had him so long.

My son has the best teacher on earth. And I’m reminded of it every day when I drop him off or pick him up. It’s huge to feel at peace when he walks in those school doors. What a blessing to know he’s somewhere safe, and with people that care about him and want the best for him. So many teachers are apathetic, and we’re blessed to have one with a big heart and smile.

I hope you’re able to count your blessings. I’m kinda down this week, so I had to really dig deep this week to find them…but they’re always there! God is so good, and reminds me daily how much he loves me.